Feb 11 Movie: The Cartel

This documentary on much-needed education reforms is a clear-headed, gripping indictment.  Using New Jersey as a case study, director Bob Bowdon lays out why one of the country’s most expensive school districts has one of the highest dropout rates and lowest standardized test scores.  The problem is corruption, union bureaucracy, and reactionary politics.  “Where the […]

After the Crash course begins Tuesday

Traditional Henry George School classes, including Progress & Poverty, help us comprehend how an economy based on justice would never crash the way ours has over the past few years. But now that we’re in a mess, how do we get out? After the Crash extends and applies Henry George’s analysis to the problem of […]

April 16 Monday: What has religion to do with political economy?

We call this course Economics as if God Cared. The United States has no formal established church, yet matters of religion keep popping in political campaigns. What has the Judeo-Christian-Muslim religious tradition to do with questions of political economy? One perspective is to ask how “God” advises us to organize our economic life. According to […]

Winter 2012 begins at the Henry George School

This term we’ll offer four courses in seven sections, including our first south suburban class in decades (Progress & Poverty at the Blue Island Public Library.) The schedule includes links to the course descriptions. As always, each course requires only a $25 registration fee, and you’re welcome to sit in on the first session before […]