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This course is only open to those who have completed Progress and Poverty. Completion of Applied Economics and History of Labor in America is also recommended. The text for this course is Lindy Davies’ excellent abridgement of George’s The Science of Political Economy. ¬†Intended to correct the shortcomings of standard as a college-level textbooks, it’s a comprehensive but literate exploration of the field, expanding and deepening the treatment in George’s earlier books. Topics addressed include:

  • how civilization extends and increases the limited powers of the individual
  • the nature of wealth
  • theories of value
  • diminishing returns
  • the relation of space and time in production
  • the nature of trade
  • causes of confusion as to property
  • voluntary and involuntary cooperation
  • money and credit
  • functions of land, labor, and capital.
"Shall we try to be generous before we have learned how to be just?"
- Henry George