Defective by Design: International Day Against DRM

May 3, 2016 @ 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Henry George School
30 E Adams St #1207
Chicago, IL 60603
Chuck Metalitz
312 450 2906

[Please note: There is no need to stay the full 3½ hours of this event.  Come when you’d like and leave when you wish. ]

How much stuff do you think you “own,” but really only have a limited license to use in specific ways? You may be surprised to learn who is restricting your freedom to innovate and share information.  As software-driven products become more common, how can you be sure that your possessions aren’t working against you?  Is that the price we have to pay to live in an advanced economy?  It need not be.

Find out how software freedom fits into the “liberty means justice” political economy that we teach, why and how we use open source software wherever possible (and it almost always is).  Discussion and videos presented in cooperation with the Free Software Foundation.

Meanwhile, to learn more about DRM and why it might be a bad thing, visit Defective by Design.