Invisible Robbery Tour

October 31, 2015 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Henry George School
30 E Adams St. #1207
Chuck Metalitz
312 450 2906
image credit: Maggie Schreiter (cc) via flickr
Hallowe’en costumes optional. image credit: Maggie Schreiter (cc) via flickr

Right on the streets of every American community, robbery takes place every working day. You might not realize how much value the people of Chicago (and every other community) create, simply by going about our daily activities. What is this wealth, how do we create it, and where does it go?

Originally conceived as a field trip for Progress & Poverty students, this stroll — about 2 km and 90 minutes — presents some answers for those interested in finding out.  Additionally, we’ll take a look at recovered loot of a long-ago theft, learn how Thomas Jefferson proposed to finance Chicago’s public schools, and see an economic development incentive that costs less than nothing.  We might stop for snacks along the way (individual settlement).

Detailed sourced notes will be provided. This is now a free tour, no donation required, although we do appreciate (tax-deductible) contributions from those who can afford it and find the event worthwhile.