One Hour Henry George

image credit: Justin Kern (cc) via flickr
image credit: Justin Kern (cc) via flickr


Henry George School instructor George Menninger thinks you can learn the fundamental economic principles we teach in an hour, and accordingly he has developed a “One Hour Henry George” presentation. We need a diverse focus group of college students (graduate students and precocious high school seniors also welcome) meeting Saturday, April 18, 2015, at 2 PM in our Loop classroom, to test it on.

After this hour, you will understand:

  • how both liberty and justice are essential elements of any economic system which works for everybody;
  • the mechanism by which poverty tends to worsen as the economy progresses;
  • why programs aimed at alleviating poverty can have, at best, only limited success;
  • why “economic development” programs almost always fail;
  • a method of public finance likely to end poverty and prevent economic collapses;
  • how some people (including George, and maybe you) become wealthy by exploiting unfairness in the way we organize our economy.

This presentation takes an hour, plus we will ask 30 additional minutes of your time for debriefing and discussion.  At the conclusion, you’ll get $25 cash, plus a voucher good for a free Henry George School course should you wish to learn more.

The size of this focus group is limited, and in order to participate you’ll need an invitation, which you can request using the form below.

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Should you have any questions, email us .