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Summer at the Henry George School

June 23, 2013

photo credit Quinn Dombrowski via flickr (cc)

photo credit Quinn Dombrowski via flickr (cc)

We have finally got our summer class schedule posted.  We’ll have three sections of the flagship Progress & Poverty course, as well as a course linking economic justice to the Christian bible.  Summer will also include other events, mostly free, which will be posted in the coming days.

Of particular interest, for anyone paying her/his way thru college, is the opportunity to earn college credit for taking our three-course “Principles of Political Economy” series.  You can start with the one-week intensive Progress & Poverty course August 19-23.  Applied Economics and Economic Science can be taken in the fall and winter terms, or as intensives.  More information is here.

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"It is not kings nor aristocracies, nor landowners nor capitalists, that anywhere really enslave the people. It is their own ignorance."
- Henry George