How we fund the HGS

How do we fund the school?

Regular classes at the Henry George School have no cost except for a $25 fee for materials. No donation of any kind is required to participate in any course.

Much of the School’s work is done by volunteers. Since the first classes were conducted in Chicago, the graduates themselves have carried on and extended the work of the School. They prepare themselves to teach, give their time to promote the School, recruit students, and contribute financially to help pay the necessary costs.

The School benefits from a small endowment received in 1986, as a bequest from Sam Leonard (Levin), who had been a student and instructor at the School in the 1930s. This was supplemented in 1999 by a major gift in memory of John Arthur Demuth (1848-1923). Additional financial assistance is provided by the Henry George School of Social Science in New York City.

The School’s annual financial report (IRS Form 990EZ, excluding Schedule B which is not a public document) is this pdf file.

You can help
We greatly appreciate donations from our graduates and other friends. Use either button below to donate by credit card, or mail a check directly to our address. We have a membership programĀ  which can provide formal recognition for your contribution. Call for the membership brochure, or consult this pdf.

Click the “Donate Now” image to make a tax-deductible donation to the Henry George School using Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.

If you make purchases online, many merchants will donate a portion of the proceeds to the School at no cost to you. For more information or to sign up, visit

All donations to the School are tax deductible under IRC 501(c)(3). All standard tax benefits are available, including deduction of the full value of appreciated property, and lifetime income under a charitable gift annuity, or charitable remainder trust.

Volunteer support is as important as financial contributions. We need help with writing, historical research, economic research, design, administration, publicity, fundraising, and probably some other things we haven’t thought of yet. If you have some time to spare, we’d like to find a place for you. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.