The Henry George School of Social Science, Chicago, Illinois
PO Box A3603, Chicago IL 60690 | 312 362-9302 |
  • In comparison to many classes I have taken over the years, I feel that I have truly learned information that will be useful to me for many years to come. — college student

  • It forces you to think deeper than you are accustomed to thinking. — corporate controller

  • It wasn’t so much learning new things, as having what I already knew connected in a logical way. — software developer

  • The course was very exciting. — medical records analyst

  • I will never look at a “disadvantaged” person on the street in the way that I used to. — financial analyst

  • All questions were accepted and thoughtfully answered. — high school teacher (retired)

  • I see things differently now. — mathematician

  • It was great! I have a degree in economics, but we never covered any of this. — accountant/controller

  • I would recommend this course. Excellent teacher. — sales executive

  • I liked the way he laid out his general economic theory. The concepts were clear and concise. — political operative and transit advocate

  • I can’t think of a better use of my time than taking this course. — attorney

  • It made me analyze and think about aspects of society and the economy in general which I would never have thought about without this course. — physician

  • I really enjoyed the informal, friendly, and non-stressful way that this material was presented. — CPA (retired)

  • It helps you see your chains. — artist & musician

  • It gave me insight into the economy and where it’s going. —divinity student

  • It makes you more aware of how things are run — things you really don’t see. How communities are organized, how things move in and out. — engineering student

  • Certainly the best bargain in education I found. — community organizer

  • Here in Chicago, the Henry George School offers courses for people wishing a firmer grasp of economic fundamentals and the relationship of land to wealth. — Neal T. Weintraub, commodity trader (from his book, Tricks of the Floor Trader)

  • I like the idea of the round table discussion, and how we thrash out our views. — real estate broker

  • I find it very intriguing because it forces you to think deeper than you are accustomed to thinking. — controller

  • It was stimulating. — college science instructor

  • It helped me get into the habit of thinking, and not just accepting things. — office worker and parent

  • I found the students and staff to be intelligent, tolerant, and often entertaining. — social worker (retired)

  • When I first visited the Henry George School, I came as a libertarian in politics, an agnostic in religion, and an observer in social organizations. Two years later, I have a concern for social justice, an appreciation for the truths of the Hebrew scriptures, and am an active participant in our community. How this came about I cannot fully explain. I can tell you that a transformation did occur and it occurred over a period in which I participated in over 60 classes centered on the writings of Henry George. — David Hershey, financial analyst

"Man is the only animal whose desires increase as they are fed; the only animal that is never satisfied."
- Henry George