Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, which comprises the instructors and certain others actively involved, has overall responsibility for the operation of the School.

  • David Harrell
  • Robert F. Jene,  Instructor
    Computer Programmer
  • Adam H. Kerman, Treasurer, Instructor, and administrative staff
    Consultant to nonprofit organizations
  • Irene Marmi,  Librarian
    Feral Advocate
  • Robert J. Matter, Secretary and Convenor of Political Economy Book Club
    Paralegal and Bicycle Advocate
  • Edward Miller, Vice President
    Software Developer
  • George M. Menninger, Jr., Instructor
    Real estate investments and development
  • Chuck Metalitz, AICP, blog: The Menace of Privilege, President and Instructor
    Research Director of the Henry George School
  • Jacob Shwartz-Lucas
    Molecular Biologist
  • Scott W. Walton
    President, Scott W. Walton & Associates

Brain Trust

The Henry George School’s Brain Trust comprises people who have advised and aided the School.

  • Robert Blau
  • Leo Dohogne
  • James W. Frederiksen, M. D.
  • Ruth Kennedy
  • Greg Mullins
  • Spider Saloff
  • Susan H. Walton