Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, which comprises the instructors and certain others actively involved, has overall responsibility for the operation of the School.

  • David Harrell
  • Robert F. Jene,  Instructor
    Computer Programmer
  • Adam H. Kerman, Secretary
    Consultant to nonprofit organizations
  • Irene Marmi,  Librarian
    Feral Advocate
  • Robert J. Matter, Treasurer
    Paralegal and Bicycle Advocate
  • Edward Miller, Instructor
    Software Developer
  • George M. Menninger, Jr., Instructor
    Real estate investments and development
  • Chuck Metalitz, AICP, blog: The Menace of Privilege, President and Instructor
    Research Director of the Henry George School
  • Jacob Shwartz-Lucas
    Molecular Biologist
  • Scott W. Walton, Vice President
    President, Scott W. Walton & Associates

Brain Trust

The Henry George School’s Brain Trust comprises people who have advised and aided the School, but have better things to do with their time than attending Board meetings.

  • Robert Blau
  • Leo Dohogne
  • James W. Frederiksen, M. D.
  • Ruth Kennedy
  • Greg Mullins
  • Spider Saloff
  • Susan H. Walton