Henry George School phone number is now 312 362-9302

Effective November 24, 2018, the business number of the Henry George School shall be 312 362-9302. If that phone number sounds familiar, it had been the business number when the School was at 417 S Dearborn and 28 E Jackson. At 30 E Adams, the School prepaid for service for five years from a VoIP carrier. The carrier assigned a “temporary” phone number to be used till the carrier ported in the old phone number. This “temporary” phone number became the new business number as the carrier failed to port in the old phone number. At the end of the five year period, the School obtained a new VoIP carrier. The old carrier failed to complete all necessary steps in porting out the “temporary” phone number to the new carrier. So that we’re not subject to the vagaries of a VoIP carrier we no longer subscribe to, we have reverted to using the old business number.