Earn $25 in one hour to learn economic principles

Paid one hour focus group to listen to and comment on presentation of the economic philosophy of Henry George

When: 6:15 pm, Thursday, February 15, 2018

Where: Signature Office, 333 S Wabash Ave Ste 2700, Chicago, IL  60604

Instructor: George Menninger

You can learn fundamental economic principles in an hour.

The Henry George School has developed a “One Hour Henry George” presentation. We need a diverse focus group of college students and graduate students to give us feedback. High school students are also welcome.

After this hour, you will understand:

  • How both liberty and justice are essential to the success of any economic system which works for everybody.
  • Why poverty worsens for some despite opportunity and prosperity for others.
  • A better way to lessen poverty and bring prosperity to all.
  • Why existing programs to alleviate poverty are unsuccessful.
  • The failure of “economic development” programs.
  • A method of public finance likely to end poverty and prevent economic collapse.
  • How some people (including George, and maybe you) have become wealthy by exploiting unfairness in the way we organize our economy.

The presentation will take an hour, plus we will ask 30 additional minutes of your time for discussion.  At the conclusion, you’ll receive $25, plus a voucher good for a free Henry George School course should you wish to learn more.

The size of this focus group is limited. Please let us know you’ll attend by sending an email message with your name and address, college, academic level, and course of study to


Or, you may call us on 312 450-2906. Please leave your name and telephone number and a good time to call you back.