Privacy Policy


The Henry George School of Social Science, Chicago, Illinois, collects personal information from students, inquirers, and others who communicate with the School. This Policy describes how this information is used, how it is safeguarded, and under what circumstances it may be provided to others outside of the School staff.

Mailing List
People are placed on the School’s mailing list when they enroll, or request information, or at the suggestion of school staff. This information is never shared with any other individual or organization, except that if an individual is already on the mailing list of another organization, change of address information may be shared. Anyone who requests removal from the mailing list will be removed. Copies of the mailing list are sent, over the Internet or otherwise, to a commercial mailing house when necessary. They destroy all copies of the list once the mailing has been sent.

Students and Graduates
Students when they register are required to provide basic contact data, and optionally asked for additional background information. Upon completing a course, graduates are asked to provide additional information, including comments and evaluations. This information may be used by the School without restriction, including in publicity or advertisements. However, individual names will not be associated with any published information, except with the permission of the person named. Names and addresses of students are never released to other organizations, with the following exceptions:

  • The School will confirm names of students and graduates, with the permission of the student or graduate.

School staff may take photographs at the School or at School functions. These photographs may be used without restriction, including in publicity or advertisements. However, if any individual objects at any time to her/his inclusion in an image, that individual will not be identifiably included in the image.

Audio & Video recording
Classes or other School events may be recorded on audio and/or video media. Recording devices will be clearly visible, and the recordings may be used by the School without restriction. If any individual identifiable in a recording objects to her/his inclusion, that individual will be excluded from any use of the recording if it is possible to do so without destroying the integrity of the recording.

The Henry George School of Social Science, Chicago, Illinois, is a not-for-profit adult school of political economy. All information is maintained physically in the School’s headquarters, except that backup files may be placed securely at other locations, including staff residences and/or commercial data storage facilities.
The School does not require identification from any student or inquirer, and does not require that anyone enroll under their true name. However, due to circumstances beyond the School’s control, participation in some classes or other functions may require persons to identify themselves to landlords or others.

Unauthorized Use and Terrorism
While the School seeks to observe the policy as described above, it cannot guarantee protection of information from people who threaten violence, nor from those who violate statutes. Although reasonable precautions are taken, the School cannot guarantee that terrorists, government officials, computer hackers, or similar individuals will never be able to obtain private information from the School.

The School receives email and maintains a World Wide Web presence. Email addresses collected thru this site or otherwise may be used to communicate with students or prospective students, or graduates, on matters related to the School. The School does not do mass emailings to individuals who have not previously contacted it, and always removes addresses from the email list upon request.

Internet Protocol addresses of web site visitors, and specific links visited, are collected and may be used to analyze traffic patterns.

Graduate: Anyone who has completed any of the School’s courses.
Student: Anyone who has registered for any of the School’s courses.
School Staff: Any School instructor, any other volunteer or paid staff working for the School.

This policy is subject to change by the Board at any meeting. The current Privacy Policy will always be posted at the School’s web site, and will be provided to students at their first class and to anyone on request.

Adopted by the Board of Directors, September 19, 2006