Fees, frees, guarantees

Frees and fees
Currently, all single-session programs at the Henry George School are free. Donations are accepted to help pay expenses, but no one is required to donate. Courses, which last from four to ten sessions, require a registration fee of $25 (per course). This covers all materials used including books (for those courses which use books) and handouts. Additional donations are welcome.

Satisfaction guarantee
The registration fee comes with a double money-back guarantee. If you attend all sessions of the course, and conclude that it was not worth at least the $25 registration fee, the School will refund double your money. We need only receive a letter (or email) from you, telling us in what way(s) the course failed to meet your expectations. We’ll send you a check for $50 within 10 days. This policy is effective January 1, 2010. The refund request must be received within 30 days of the end of the course, and only one refund will be issued per person.

Paying in-kind
If you cannot afford the $25 registration fee, you can offer your labor instead. Help with promotion and office work is always needed.  Each case is individually arranged. Please contact the Instructor of the course you wish to take, or the Administrative Director. Of course refunds cannot be issued to those who pay in labor.

Why it’s almost free
The School can offer this inexpensive education because most of its costs are paid, and most of its work is voluntarily performed, by alumni and other supporters who recognize that widespread understanding of the principles we teach is essential for social progress.

December 27, 2009