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After the Crash course begins Tuesday

January 7, 2012

image credit: Todd Mecklem via Flickr (cc)

Traditional Henry George School classes, including Progress & Poverty, help us comprehend how an economy based on justice would never crash the way ours has over the past few years. But now that we’re in a mess, how do we get out?

After the Crash extends and applies Henry George’s analysis to the problem of today: How to help the economy recover and improve opportunity for productive work. The text is Mason Gaffney’s book of the same name, a copy of which is included in the $25 registration fee. Bob Jene is the instructor.   Class meets Tuesdays, 6 PM, January 10 thru February 28, at 28 E. Jackson #1004. You can use this form to pre-register, or just show up.

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"If people tried to understand economic laws and respect them the same way they respect the laws of physics, we would certainly live in much saner– and more prosperous– societies."
- Michel Kelly-Gagnon