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Aug 8 Wed 6 PM: No Farms, No Food

July 13, 2012

USEPA photo by Bill Gillette via Wikimedia

Urban sprawl threatens destruction of much valuable farm land.  Bob Jene will look at data from one of the leading national organizations seeking to mitigate this damage, the American Farmland Trust (AFT).  Among other things, they buy development rights from farmers to insure the land’s continued use in agriculture and facilitate community supported agriculture which makes family farms more viable.  The Georgist fiscal reform encourages more conservative and productive use of all land.  Bob concludes that an alliance with AFT would benefit us both.

Free presentation at the Henry George School, 30 E Adams #1207, 6 PM on Wednesday, Aug 8.  Further information at 312/362-9302 or 773/610-2383, or bobj@hgchicago.org.

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"Shall we try to be generous before we have learned how to be just?"
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