Introducing Progress and Poverty

September 17, 2019 @ 6:15 pm – 8:15 pm
Signature Office
333 S Wabash Ave #2700
Chicago IL 60604
Chuck Metalitz
312 362-9302

PLEASE NOTE: Due to building rules you must register to attend this session.

Yes, it is possible to end poverty in America — or any independent nation — by recognizing a clear and logical distinction between private property and community property. Not just the poor, but everyone would have the opportunity to earn a decent living and enjoy better quality of life. Henry George, a prominent American philosopher and economist of the late 19th century, was the leading advocate of this reform. His book on the subject, Progress and Poverty, was probably the best-selling nonfiction work of his time, sparked a movement which brought prosperity to several American communities and foreign countries.

Introducing Progress and Poverty is a program by the Henry George School of Chicago, outlining the principles George advocated, how and why they work, and their potential for solving today’s problems — not just poverty but everything that follows from it, such as lack of affordable housing, employment discrimination, inadequate wages, political corruption, etc.  Attendance is without charge or obligation.

For those wanting in-depth understanding of the logic and implications of Progress and Poverty, this presentation constitutes the initial session of an extended course which will continue at this location on Tuesdays thru November 19

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