Jason Grotto on How the Cook County Assessor Fails Taxpayers

January 9, 2018 @ 6:15 pm – 8:15 pm
Signature Office (Buckingham Room)
333 S Wabash Ave #2700
Chicago, IL 60604
Adam Kerman
312 450-2906
Jason Grotto (image credit: Pro Publica)

ProPublica Illinois investigative reporter Jason Grotto (formerly with the Chicago Tribune) has produced several major research stories about problems with real estate assessments in Cook County, as well as with the Assessor’s office itself. He’ll join us to talk about how and why he undertook this work, what’s wrong with the Assessor’s office and how it could be repaired, how the property tax would function if it were competently administered,  and, if we’re lucky, how the tax could be restructured to improve fairness and better fund public services while promoting economic opportunity.

Join us to learn about some of the practical difficulties in bringing competence and efficiency to the administration of what could be a very fair tax.

PREREGISTRATION MANDATORY: Due to building policies you must pre-register by email or or by phoning us at 312 450-2906