Getting into the habit of thinking — Introducing Progress and Poverty

image credit: theclevelandkid24 CC BY 2.0

One of our graduates observed that our Progress and Poverty course “helped me get into the habit of thinking, and not just accepting things.”  If you’d like to gain that habit, or even if not, you might enjoy discovering some important ideas with Introducing Progress and Poverty. For folks who have the day off on Monday, October 10, we have a presentation at 2:00 in the afternoon.  For everybody, we’ll also do this at 6:15PM the same day, as  well as subsequently on November 9 (5:30 PM), December 8 (6:00 PM), and next year on January 12 (6:00 PM). Our conference room is at Signature Offices, in Chicago at 333 S Wabash Ave #2700.   The presentation is free and without obligation, but building management requires that you preregister by sending us an email To: or phoning 312/362-9302. Be sure to provide your first and last name, email address, phone number, and which session you’d like to attend.

Introducing Progress and Poverty outlines the way the economy works, including the main causes of persistent poverty, and proposes a remedy that seems to have worked wherever it has been even partially tried. The free program is an overview of our ten-session Progress and Poverty introductory course which starts January 19 and serves as the first session of the course.

This initial session is free. If you choose to enroll in Progress and Poverty, you’ll be asked for a $25 registration fee and given course materials.