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March 31, Saturday, 1 PM: Invisible Robbery Tour

March 19, 2012

image credit: InfoMoto ("Will") via flickr (cc)

Right on the streets of every American community, robbery takes place every day.  How can local, state, and national governments claim they need to tax our labor, when there is so much real value that the community creates but fails to collect? On this walk through central Chicago, we’ll see some of this value, understand who takes it and what it costs us all. Along the way we’ll discuss what a free market is, and how it could make the city a better place.

HGS President Chuck Metalitz is your guide for this tour, which departs 1 PM on March 31 from 28 E. Jackson #1004. Hardcopy sourced notes will be provided. A donation of $10 (cash or check, please) is requested, but this is waived for anyone who was enrolled at the School during 2011 or 2012.

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