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Oct 1 Tues 6 PM: History of Labor in America course begins

September 11, 2013

"Headed to Work" by Andrew Becraft (cc) via flickr

“Headed to Work” by Andrew Becraft (cc) via flickr

This is not the history of labor unions, tho they are certainly included. It’s broader than that, the history of how Americans have made a living over the centuries. The main (but not the only) text is Henry George’s Social Problems, a very accessible work, which does not presuppose any particular understanding of political economy. More about the course is here.  Meets for ten weeks, every Tuesday thru November 19. Preregistration is available here, or just show up and sign up after the first class.  $25 fee covers the entire course.  For more information, email the instructor or phone 312 450 2906.

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"The protection of the masses has in all times been the pretense of tyranny."
- Henry George