Progress & Poverty events and courses in January

image credit: Bob Simpson CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

We’ve scheduled two sections of our flagship Progress & Poverty course in January, one in the Chicago Loop and one in Evanston. These instructor-led ten-session courses are based on Henry George’s classic book, but are being revised somewhat to use concise video presentations created by Lindy Davies of the Henry George Institute.  While students are encouraged to read the original text, Bob Drake’s “abridged for modern readers” version, which exists both as text and audiobook,  is also available, as are other options.

This course is intended for thinking people who want to understand how the economy works, and particularly why poverty continues to be a problem even as productivity multiplies. You need not agree with Henry George’s conclusions to find the course worthwhile (See what some of our students have said.)

To find out more about what we have to offer, attend one of the free Introducing Progress and Poverty sessions, in Evanston or Chicago. Note also that you’re welcome to attend the first class session of any course without registering and without paying the $25 registration fee which is the only charge for the entire ten-session course.  But due to building policies at our loop location, you do need to let us know that you’re coming so we can put you on the list for admission to the building. This can be done by simple email message.