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Summer: Some classes and our annual picnic

July 7, 2015

As customary, our summer term features a reduced class schedule, a tour and a couple of presentations, with the traditional Henry George Day celebration on Labor Day.  Some of us will be attending the Council of Georgist Organizations conference in Michigan August 4-9.

Our Progress & Poverty course begins August 18, with The Other Law of Moses starting September 4. Both courses are open to everyone interested, with no prerequisites, at a fee of only $25 total. Here‘s the full class schedule.  The various events, including Henry George Day, are (or will soon be) listed here.

We do still produce a printed schedule.  Let us know if you’d like to receive a copy by postal mail.


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“The purpose of studying economics is not to acquire a set of ready-made answers to economic questions, but to learn how to avoid being deceived by economists.”
- Joan Robinson