The American Monetary Act

Monday, September 26, 6 PM at 28 E Jackson #1004.  Price: FREE.

Even Henry George recognized that a just and prosperous economy requires a proper system of money.  The American Monetary Institute has proposed the American Monetary Act (pdf) to address this issue. Bob Jene will examine this proposed Constitutional Amendment, and compare it with Henry George’s ideas on money, as documented in a talk on the subject by AMI President Steve Zarlenga.

For those interested in further discussion on the subject, it is still possible to register for AMI’s Monetary Reform Conference, in Chicago, Sept 29-Oct 2.

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  1. I think it is becoming more obvious that problems with our monetary system are increasing the wealth divide, especially some of the practices in the financial industry. People are gaming the money and banking system to essentially get a free ride where they are able to make demands on the economy in terms of goods and services without offering anything in return or at least not proportional to what they are taking out.

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