Wed Sept 12:Progress & Poverty course starts

Economists in Spreadsheet Tower
Cartoon by “Hikingartist” Frits Ahlefeldt, via flickr (cc)

No, it’s not math and equations.  We teach using observation, thought, and understanding of experiences you’ve probably already had. In his classic book Progress & Poverty, Henry George sought to understand why the economy’s increasing productivity has failed to significantly alleviate poverty.  He was writing in 1877-79, when productivity came from steam, electricity, railroads and the telegraph, but the same problems appear in the 21st century with our more modern improvements in manufacturing, transport, communications, and marketing.

What Henry George found still applies very much today, with a few updates here and there, and his book is still the best introduction to why poverty persists, and would continue to persist even if we had honest governments.  George holds that poverty won’t end until the people understand its cause, and you can take the first step by signing up for our Progress & Poverty course. Here’s the pre-registration form.  If you have questions, call the School at 312 450 2906.