What the Rich Own…

image credit: Penywise at Morguefile

…and how they can be made to share it.

Attempts to “tax the rich” have led us to exempt about half the population from paying federal income tax, while creating all kinds of other levies that discourage production while falling heavily on working people.  But if we look at who “the rich” really are, and where most of their income originates, we see that, rather than focusing on the amount of a person’s income, we could instead look at the source. Producing goods or services that people want– that increase the overall satisfaction in the community– is fundamentally different from securing, protecting, and manipulating privilege.  Chuck Metalitz will explain what privilege is, how it causes wealth to be concentrated in a small part of the population, and what could be done about it. 6:00 PM at 28 E. Jackson #1004.  Free, donation welcome.