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Winter Term Classes and Events

January 1, 2014

photo by David Harrell

photo by David Harrell

Why, really, is the economy sluggish, job opportunities few, labor force stagnant, yet the stock market makes new highs?  What is it the 1% (or maybe 2%, or ¼%) have that impoverishes the rest of us? It may not be obvious, and certainly isn’t anything that professional politicians like to talk about, and even knowledgeable people disagree about some aspects.  But one thing is certain: You will not understand what is happening to the American economy today unless you know the principles taught at the Henry George School.  The most important ones are covered in our Progress & Poverty course; this term you can choose from three sections.  Attend the first class without charge, and if you decide to register the cost is only a $25 fee for the entire course including materials.

Or, if you’ve already completed the basic course, why not try Human Rights, a study of the concepts of freedom and justice?

Our winter class schedule is here, and of course all our events including discussions, tours, and movies can be seen by clicking the “events” tab on the left of this page. Detailed event descriptions will appear in the coming days, or call us (312 450 2906) if you prefer to have a printed schedule mailed to you.

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"There are people into whose heads it never enters to conceive of any better state of society than that which now exists."
- Henry George