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Mar 30 Sat 1PM:Invisible Robbery Tour

March 23, 2013

Originating as a field trip for “Progress & Poverty” students, our Invisible Robbery Tour is now open to all.

  • See how the community and its infrastructure produce value.
  • See who collects this value, and how it affects us all.
Credit: Viewminder via flickr (cc)

Credit: Viewminder via flickr (cc)

We’ll stroll about two kilometers, in about an hour and a half.  You’ll get detailed, sourced, hardcopy notes, and answers to your questions about how downtown development really works.

A $10 donation is requested. You can pre-pay by credit card here. But don’t use that link if you prefer to donate by cash or check, or if you qualify for a free tour by being a recent graduate or donor.

(Of course you can always donate to the Henry George School; donations of any amount can be done here.)

We’ll leave from the new Henry George School location, 30 East Adams #1207. Call 312/450-2906 or email if you want any more information.

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"It is not kings nor aristocracies, nor landowners nor capitalists, that anywhere really enslave the people. It is their own ignorance."
- Henry George