POSTPONED:Mar 25 Mon 6 PM: High Cost of Government Revenue

image source: photo by Gary Brown, via Flickr (cc)
image source: photo by Gary Brown, via Flickr (cc)

Due to a schedule conflict, Bob Jene is unable to present “High Cost of Government Revenue” on Monday, March 25.  A new date will be announced.

You probably already know that America’s tax system, and especially the personal income tax, is a cause of frustration and wasted effort (beyond the poverty which would be caused even by a simple tax on earned income.)

This power point presentation by HGS instructor and Administrative Director Bob Jene looks at the actual cost of collecting that tax. The IRS overhead itself represents the direct cost to the government in generating this revenue. Beside that there is the burden put on the tax payer in preparing his return, and the distortion of decisions due to

In the case of an audit there may be cost of representation before a tax court. There is a vast amount of human resources wasted on this activity for the revenue generated.

Bob will also mention types of taxation that are more efficient, fair and beneficial than the personal or corporate income tax, sales tax, service tax, payroll tax, utility tax, excise tax, and most of today’s other taxes. You can learn more about these in Henry George School courses.

Monday March 25, 6 p.m. at the Henry George School, 30 E Adams #1207.  Free, donations welcome.