April 12, Thursday, 6 PM: High Cost of Government Revenue

photo credit: Ray Tsang ("saturnism") via flickr (cc)

Take a break from preparing “your” income tax returns to attend this Power Point® presentation looking at the real cost of collecting the income tax.  IRS overhead itself represents the direct cost to the government of generating this revenue. Beside that there is the burden put on the taxpayer in filling out his return, the cost of preparers, the cost of representation in case of audit and the dead weight on the economy.  The sum of all these costs represents a sizeable portion of the revenue collected.  There has to be a better way. Presenter Bob Jene will point one out.

Bob’s main source for this talk is James L Payne’s book Costly Returns.

This free presentation starts at 6:00 PM Tuesday, March 13, at 28 E. Jackson #1004.  Further information at 312 362 9302 or bobj@hgchicago.org.