Think deeper*: Spring term classes starting this week

adapted from work by Andrew McDaniel via Flickr (cc)

Three sections of Progress & Poverty start this week.

For the first time in decades, we’re offering the course in Brookfield, at the British Home ( 8700 W. 31st Street).  Wednesday afternoon classes start at 2:00, comprising six sessions, April 11 thru May 16. This is the modern version of the course, using the “abridged for modern readers” edition of the textbook (which is also available as an audiobook.)  Instructor is Bob Jene, and the total cost is just $25 including all materials.

A downtown section of the modern version is also scheduled, beginning Tuesday at 6 PM. Taught by self-described land speculator George Menninger, the first session comprises “How I made $1,000,000 in Chicago Real Estate: I $tole it from you!”

Finally, the classic version — which uses Henry George’s original text and goes into somewhat more depth — will meet Wednesday afternoons, for five double-sessions (3.5 hours with a break).  Instructor Chuck Metalitz does not insist that every student read every word of the text, but you’ll find the class more rewarding if you can take some time to do most of the suggested reading.

All courses require only a $25 registration fee, with the first session always free. Preregistration is requested but not required, and can be done here. Optional suggested reading prior to the first session is here for the modern version, and here(pdf) for the classic.

*Taken from a comment by one of our graduates, an accountant who said of the Progress & Poverty course: “It forces you to think deeper than you are accustomed to thinking.”  Some other comments are here.