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Feb 10 Monday 6 PM: No Farms No Food

January 8, 2014

Image from freefoto.com

Image from freefoto.com

Since earliest civilizations, humans have recognized that food is a product of farmland (and, yes, pastureland, fisheries, etc) and have managed to cultivate enough land to feed themselves. Yet today we routinely convert farmland to urban use. American Farmland Trust (AFT) seek to ensure continued agricultural use of some land by buying development rights from farmers, and try to make farms more viable by facilitating community supported agriculture. The geoist fiscal reform provides an alternative way to encourage more conservative and productive use of all land. With additional material from YES! magazine about the slow food revolution, this presentation by HGS instructor Bob Jene suggests that an alliance between AFT and geoists might benefit both.

Monday, February 10, 6 PM, at 30 E Adams #1207. Free and open to all. Have you questions, or would like to let us know you’re coming, call 312 450 2906 or email Bob Jene

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