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Jan 24 Friday 6PM TGIF unwind with Bob Jene

January 8, 2014

image credit: Kevin Spear (cc) via flickr

image credit: Kevin Spear (cc) via flickr

Here’s a chance to explore where the economy is going with experienced Georgist investor and analyst Bob Jene.  He’ll explain HELOC’s, ZIRP, QE and other exotic financial instruments and strategies, evaluate their effects on the economy and in particular on inflation.  Discuss some forecasts,  too.

By the end of 2014 you may thank Bob for his insights. This session is free, altho if you’ve had good investment results in the past we hope you’ll make a cash contribution to help pay the rent.

Friday January 24, 6PM at 30 E Adams #1207. For information, or just to let us know you’re coming, email Bob Jene or phone him at 312 450 2906.

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