Finally! College credit for Henry George School courses!

image credit: Kevin Miller (KM Photography) via flickr (cc)

Many of our students remark that, even though they may have college degrees in economics or other social sciences, they learned important things with us that should have been, but never were discussed in their regular college classes.  Occasionally we’ve even had a student manage, with the help of a thoughtful college instructor, to get college credit for a Henry George School class.

Now, through the Herculean efforts of the Henry George Institute, our courses can be “recommended for credit” by the National College Credit Recommendation Service. There are, of course, some special restrictions and difficulties.  First, you need to take all three courses in our “principles of political economy” sequence (Progress & Poverty, Applied Economics/International Trade, Economic Science).

Second, you must study with an accredited HGS instructor (not all are yet), but this can generally be arranged regardless of who the scheduled instructor may be. Third, you must pass an examination.  Fourth, there is a cost, $250 beyond the regular $25/course HGS registration fee.   This money goes to the Henry George Institute (who expended cash as well as much effort to make it possible), and is less than just about any public or private college would charge for equivalent credits.

What you get, upon completing the above, is a recommendation for awarding of 3 credit hours.  We think all colleges will accept this, but because it is a new program we cannot be certain and we encourage you to check with your accredited institution first. Some additional details are here.