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Wed Dec 5 at 6 PM: The Invisible Cost of Imaginary Property

November 13, 2012

Detail from photo by Fred von Lohmann, (cc) via flickr

New kinds of privilege are extracting wealth from people who
produce. Historically, owners of land extracted tribute in exchange for the resource everyone needs to produce or even
live. But more recently, imaginary property “rights,” really just
the power to levy a toll on production, and which were well-understood by Henry George, have taken an increasing share of wealth. Chuck Metalitz will explain how these new privileges work, what they cost us, and how we can work to minimize the damage they cause.

At 6 PM on Wednesday December 5, at 30 E Adams #1207.  Free, donations welcome.

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"No theory is too false, no fable too absurd, no superstition too degrading for acceptance when it has become embedded in common belief."
- Henry George