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Jan 23 and 28: Two more Progress & Poverty opportunities

January 21, 2012

photo credit: Daniel Chaeh via Flickr (cc)

If you have not taken, or would like to refresh your knowledge of, Progress & Poverty, you’ll have two opportunities to start this week.

At our Loop location, a Monday night class starts January 23 at 6 PM.  This is the modern version, and Bob Jene will be the instructor

In the South Suburbs, our Saturday afternoon class starts January 28 in Blue Island. This class meets for five Saturdays, but each is effectively a double-session, 1 to 4 PM.  More about this class is here.

Like all Henry George School courses, both of these are “almost free,” requiring only a $25 registration fee to help pay materials costs.  All needed texts are included. And you’re welcome to sit in on the first session before deciding whether to register.


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