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Jan 21 (Sat) 2 PM: Dr. Strangelove

January 16, 2012

Peter Sellers in one of his three Dr. Strangelove roles

source: Wikimedia Commons

Curious Georgists Go to the Movies present Dr. Strangelove.

You need to have a unique (and twisted) sense of humor to find nuclear holocaust entertaining, but director Stanley Kubrick does a marvelous job of balancing his truely bizzare humor with the gut-wrenching terror felt in the Cold War era.

The political satire stars Peter Sellers portraying three roles, including the title role of Dr. Strangelove, as well as the U.S. President and Group Captain Mandrake, a British soldier under the command of the insane General Ripper (Sterling Hayden). Believing politicians to be unable, and untrained to deal with the growing Russian threat during the Cold War, Ripper breaks protocol and attempts to initiate nuclear war with Russia.

— Neil Wertanen

Refreshments and discussion will follow. At 28 E. Jackson #1004, 2 PM Saturday January 21.  Free, donations welcome.

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