Read Democracy in America– and more videos at the Henry George School

Political Economy Book Club convenor Bob Matter reminds us to start reading Democracy in America volume 1, in order to participate in the PEBC discussion Tuesday, March 29, 6 to 8 PM. Or, if you don’t care to read it, you can listen to a free audiobook version. Democracy in America is arguably a great […]

July at HGS: Beginning course, advanced courses, and a movie

Upon returning from our North American conference around July 12, we’ll be staying inside for classes and a movie during the rest of this month.  Progress & Poverty, which is open to everyone interested, begins afternoon classes Wednesday, July 16.  If you’ve already completed this course (with us or elsewhere), you can choose advanced courses […]

Feb 11 Movie: The Cartel

This documentary on much-needed education reforms is a clear-headed, gripping indictment.  Using New Jersey as a case study, director Bob Bowdon lays out why one of the country’s most expensive school districts has one of the highest dropout rates and lowest standardized test scores.  The problem is corruption, union bureaucracy, and reactionary politics.  “Where the […]