May 12 2PM Saturday: Admirable Crichton (free movie)

from the 1902 stage play
source: Wikimedia


Kenneth More stars as William Crichton, the highly knowledgeable and efficient butler in the London household of the Earl of Loam (Cecil Parker) and his family. Though Crichton is the true master of the household, he knows his place, honouring the tightly regulated social structure of late-nineteenth century England.

On a trip on the Earl’s steam yacht to the South Seas, the family and its servants are shipwrecked. The family become marooned on a desert island, and only Crichton proves to have the skills and resourcefulness to keep everyone alive.  Within a few months, the social order has been reversed: Crichton, who becomes affectionately known as ‘Guv’, takes control of affairs, while his former employers become his willing and eager servants. [from Wikipedia]

Based on J M Barrie’s 1902 stage play of the same name. The U. S. release was titled “Paradise Lagoon.” Lewis Gilbert — UK– 1957 — 94 minutes

Presented at 2 PM on Saturday May 12,  in our Curious Georgists go to the Movies series. free (donations welcome) with refreshments and discussion following the film.