Read Democracy in America– and more videos at the Henry George School

Tocqueville toured North America in 1831, but he didn't come to Chicago. Ft. Dearborn in 1831 from Wikimedia.
Tocqueville toured North America in 1831. Had he come to what is now Chicago, he would have seen Fort Dearborn.

Political Economy Book Club convenor Bob Matter reminds us to start reading Democracy in America volume 1, in order to participate in the PEBC discussion Tuesday, March 29, 6 to 8 PM. Or, if you don’t care to read it, you can listen to a free audiobook version.

Democracy in America is arguably a great work of modern democratic literature, a highly engaging and thought-provoking text that markedly stands at right angles to the dull-witted science of politics that is today dominant in the American academy, and elsewhere.

John Keane

More info about the Book Club, including free text and audio downloads, is here.

from: Introducing the Land Value Tax
from: Introducing the Land Value Tax

No preparation at all is needed for this Saturday (February 20 2016)’s  Georgist Video Festival, comprising shorts (and extracts from longer works) by Georgist and nonGeorgist luminaries including Fred Harrison, Paul Justus, and Paula Gloria. These videos do not presuppose any familiarity with political economy as we teach it, and require only an interest in the problems Henry George addressed: Why, despite the great increase in productive power, does the problem of poverty worsen?  And what could be the remedy?

Specifics about the Saturday afternoon Video Festival are here.

Both events are entirely free of charge, tho donations to help fund rent and refreshments are welcome.