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Jan 23 Wed 6 PM: Political Economy Book Club discusses the Menace of Privilege

January 3, 2013

mop_adWe gather to talk about one of Henry George, Jr.’s important works,    The Menace of Privilege.  From the Preface:

What is the cause of the grave changes that are coming over the American Republic — the extraordinary inequality in the distribution of wealth manifested on every hand; the rise of class feeling; the growth of the aristocratic idea; the lapse from morals in business and private relations among the very rich; the growth of elements of physical, mental and moral deterioration among the working masses… the corruption of Federal, State, and municipal politics; the deterring of press, university and pulpit from open expression; the centralization of government; the advances in foreign aggression?

Update the style a little, and we are talking about 21st-century issues, including privileges of corporations (including labor unions) and misuse of the courts.

Our January 23 gathering will look at the first half (Books 1-5), treating the remainder on March 20. Political Economy Book Club meetings are open to the public without charge. RSVP appreciated to convenor Bob Matter or 312-450-2906. Bob is also the contact if you have questions.

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"No theory is too false, no fable too absurd, no superstition too degrading for acceptance when it has become embedded in common belief."
- Henry George