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July 25, Wednesday, 6 PM: Will the Real Fiscal Stimulus Please Stand Up?

June 27, 2012

Stimulus money was apparently used to clean up this dump (U S Dept of Energy photo via Flickr)

What is the best policy to revive the economy and improve the incomes of working people? Bailing out insolvent banks, and asking them to lend more money? Taxes on consumption? Simplify the income tax and flatten the rates? Or just print a bunch of money?

HGS instructor Bob Jene knows the answer (which is “none of the above”) and will explain how a real fiscal stimulus could work. Will the Real Fiscal Stimulus Please Stand Up?, Monday, July 25, 6 PM, at our new (soon-to-be-revealed) loop location, 30 E Adams Street #1207. It’s free, of course, donations welcome to help pay the rent. Need any more information? call 312 362 9302.  (Due to difficulties in phone number transfer, calls to our regular number may not go thru.  In that case, use the temporary number,  773/610-2383)

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"Shall we try to be generous before we have learned how to be just?"
- Henry George