Limited-time grant for credit-seeking students

Image by Fritz Ahlefeldt, used under Creative Commons license
Image by Fritz Ahlefeldt

Yes, you can get college credit for Henry George School courses. It is a new arrangement with the Henry George Institute and the National College Credit Recommendation Service, and it has some fairly specific requirements, but it can result in three credit hours, as explained here.

The normal fee for this service is $250 (in addition to our regular $25/course registration fee to help cover materials costs). This fee goes to the Henry George Institute toward reimbursing their cost (and time) getting the arrangement established.

While the $325 total is still about the lowest price you’ll find for three credit hours, the first three students receiving credit won’t even have to pay this amount.  The Henry George School board has decided to cover the $250 cost for these first three.  (The $25/course registration fee will remain, but can be waived in exchange for labor.)

To take advantage of this offer, you should enroll in one of our Progress & Poverty courses this term.  The two subsequent courses, Applied Economics/International Trade and Economic Science, will be scheduled in the subsequent term(s) in accordance with your needs.  You will then take the required exam (which should not be difficult once you’ve completed the courses).   Having passed the exam, you will receive a recommendation for credit.  Neither Henry George School nor Henry George Institute can grant academic credit; this is ultimately up to the registrar of the institution in which you are (or will be) enrolled.  So it is best to check with them before beginning the process with us.

If you’re interested in pursuing college credit for Henry George School courses, email us .