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Mar 9 Sat 2 PM Movie: The Molly Maguires

February 5, 2013


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Sean Connery stars as a leader of the Molly Maguires, a secret society of Irish mineworkers in Pennsylvania in the 1870s, who battle their exploitation by mine owners with violence. This 1970 American film, based on a 1969 novel by Arthur H. Lewis, also stars Richard Harris and Samantha Eggar.  Set just a decade prior to Henry George’s Labor in Pennsylvania, this social drama tells the story of an undercover detective sent to a coal mining community to expose the Mollies, and his will to achieve social justice. Martin Ritt — USA — 1969 — 123 mins.  (description adapted from Wikipedia)

Shown at the Henry George School, 30 E Adams #1207, starting 2 PM on Saturday March 9.  Refreshments and discussion follow.  For information contact the School at 312/450-2906 or email Bob Matter.

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