Jan 30 Wed. 6 PM: How I made $1,000,000 in Chicago Real Estate: I $tole it from You!

image credit: (Lolita) • 8 via flickr (cc)

What George Menninger did was completely legal. He stole over a million dollars.  Many people do it, perhaps including some of your neighbors, so if George hadn’t then someone else would have.

You and fellow Chicagoans have already paid George so he is far beyond the need to earn a living. Now he volunteers some of his time as an instructor at the Henry George School.  At this presentation you’ll learn exactly what he stole, how he did it, and how the community could have prevented it.  You’ll also learn the costs of continuing larceny, in terms of poverty, unemployment, violence, and high cost of living.

Tonight’s presentation is entirely free and without obligation. At the conclusion, if you choose, you may enroll in the Progress & Poverty course George teaches over the following four Wednesday evenings.