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May 18 Sat: Economic Cycle Tour of South Loop/Lakeshore

May 3, 2013

image credit: em_____ via flickr (cc)

image credit: em_____ via flickr (cc)

This tour looks at the lakefront areas just south of the Chicago loop, including the Central Station, Museum Campus, and Prairie Avenue districts.  We’ll see how the natural and manmade amenities affect what  sites are worth, and how this is (or is not) reflected in assessments.

This area has undergone numerous changes over the decades, from residential to commercial, railroad, industrial, institutional, and back to residential, but always the lakefront and close access to downtown have been important.  The land has long been valuable, and we’ll talk about the factors which produce value and who benefits from it.

There is no charge for the tour (altho donations will be gratefully accepted). We leave from 30 E Adams at 2 PM.  Bring your own bike.  Optional RSVP to 312 450 2906, or email tour leader Bob Jene

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