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Nov 11 Mon 6PM Progress & Poverty course begins

November 10, 2013

Photo by Ejaz Asi (cc) via Flickr

Photo of people going to work by Ejaz Asi (cc) via Flickr

Our final Progress & Poverty course for calendar year 2013 begins Monday November 11 at 6PM.  This is the six-session class that uses Bob Drake’s modernized abridgement of Henry George’s original text.  Instructor Bob Jene brings long experience and deep knowledge of political economy to his work, and will help you  understand the fundamental problems which have prevented the elimination of widespread poverty in America and the world.  At 30 E Adams #1207, six Monday sessions beginning November 11.  You can enroll here, or to find out more phone 312 450 2906 or email the instructor.

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"[T]here can be no doubt that the standard of commercial honesty would be much higher in the absence of laws for the collection of debts."
- Henry George