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Oct 28 Will the Real Fiscal Stimulus Please Stand Up?

October 13, 2013

image credit: Another Believer via Wikimedia (cc)

image credit: Another Believer via Wikimedia (cc)

Bob Jene compares the geoist fiscal reform to the TARP bailout, “Fair” Tax, Flat Tax, Bush tax cuts, and government money creation. Each proposed or attempted solution to the great recession will be given.  Attendees will rank the proposed measures to get out of the recession on a scale of 1 to 10 based on eight criteria.

This presentation will begin at 6PM on Monday, Oct 28, at 30 E Adams #1207.  Free, donations welcome.  For information, or just to let us know you’re coming, email Bob Jene or phone him at 312 450 2906. Bob will save a place for Janet Yellen.

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