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Nov 20 Wed 6 PM: PEBC concludes discussion of Life of Henry George

November 17, 2013

photo credit: Terry Bain (cc) via flickr

photo credit: Terry Bain (cc) via flickr

The Political Economy Book Club concludes its discussion of this remarkable work by Henry George, Jr. The November 20 session focuses on the third part, “Propagation of the Philosophy.” The book is in many libraries and is inexpensively available from various sources, or you can read it here.

This meeting will be at 6PM on Wed November 20, at 30 E Adams #1207, and there is no charge. If you have any questions or want to let us know you’re coming, email PEBC coordinator Bob Matter or call 312 450 2906.

Special note: PEBC’s winter term discussions will cover Herbert Spencer’s Social Statics (original 1851/1865 edition, not the 1892 revision)

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"[T]here can be no doubt that the standard of commercial honesty would be much higher in the absence of laws for the collection of debts."
- Henry George