Opportunities this fall to improve your understanding of how the economy works

Clark Street Bridge
Clark Street Bridge photo by Shutter Runner (cc) via flickr

All our courses this fall (see the schedule) are open to every adult who wants to gain a better understanding of the principles underlying our economy.  We sometimes call it “education for freedom,” because slaves don’t need to know this stuff.

The flagship Progress and Poverty course will be available in two sections, one on Thursday evenings at 6:00 beginning this Thursday September 25, the other on Wednesday afternoons starting  November 5. (Results of the election the day before might motivate you to explore how we into this situation and how we might get out.)

The Thursday class is our “classic” version, which is based directly on Henry George’s original 1879 text and takes a total of ten sessions.  The Wednesday class is the “modern” version, covering the same principles but using a book “abridged for modern readers” and requiring just six sessions.

The third class, Poverty, Liberation, and Land Reform, focuses on the problems of developing nations, especially in Latin America, and offers an alternative to the socialist and neoconservative approaches which have led to so much injustice and inefficiency.

While classroom instruction seems to be the best way to learn what we teach, courses are also available by Internet.  And remember, college credit may be available for those who take a three-course sequence.

Finally, if you are a student at DePaul, Loyola, or Dominican Universities, you can pick up a few bucks or a free course, while learning economic fundamentals, by participating in this October 7 session.