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Progress & Poverty, movies, book discussion, and a robbery tour

October 26, 2014

Dramatic increase in amount of untrue statistics

Image by Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (“HikingArtist”) via flickr (cc)

Yes, we remain confident that what you can learn at the Henry George School provides an essential perspective, available in only a few places, on how the world works, why things usually go wrong despite (sometimes) good intentions, and a proposal by (but not entirely original to) a brilliant American philosopher and economist to solve the problem of worsening poverty in a way that is both effective and consistent with the values of free Americans. You can start your progress with our last Progress and Poverty course of 2014, meeting Wednesday afternoons, starting November 5.

In addition, in the next several weeks we’re offering two movies, a meeting of the world’s first (and America’s only)* Political Economy Book Club, and a talk about farms and food.  And we’ll celebrate Buy Nothing Day with a tour of the invisible robbery taking place every day in the Chicago loop and pretty much everywhere else.

And as we plan our 2015 schedule, we hope to hear from you about what we might do to make our community more aware of the fundamentals of political economy.

*There seems to be another one founded by Canadian bureaucrats last year

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"No theory is too false, no fable too absurd, no superstition too degrading for acceptance when it has become embedded in common belief."
- Henry George